Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book Fair!!!

A book fair is coming soon to the Child Care center where I work. I confess, I'm really excited!!! For some reason, books and being around them make me happy. :) I have been searching the Scholastic website to see what books they have that I want for my classroom. Our center is also doing a coin drive to raise funds to buy books for each classroom. I look forward to that as well. I just may buy books myself! :)Books are a big part of my classroom. While most books we keep up in the teacher trove, we have all the kiddies favorites on a mini bookshelf that they have access to all day long. We love sitting down reading together. I always know when a book is a favorite when it is read a gazillion times (in one or two sittings) and loved to bits and pieces!:) With the coming of another book fair, we get to throw out the tattered, battered and chewed books and replace them with all new books ready to be loved! I love book fair season! :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


... for another successful transition!!! :) My new toddlers are adjusted to their new classroom. A couple are still a bit cautious but they are beginning to explore their classroom, watch their friends and most importantly, laugh and smile!!!! There is nothing cuter than a baby's giggle and smile. Precious!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Cool art project for toddlers....

If you don't mind a messy clean up, this was a really fun and cool (or should I say 'cold!'" art project for one year olds. We froze water colors into small cubes of ice. We used a thick canvas type paper for them to draw on. It was really cute how they had to figure out how to use the cubes to color with. One of the little ones looked up at me and said "cold" as she held her cube. They had a good time playing with their cubes both on the paper and on themselves! It was not only a great creative expression experience, but also a wonderful science and sensory experience for them.

*Pics coming soon*

It gets sweeter.....

I confess, i love when my toddlers love me, even more so when they transition to an older classroom and they still adore me! Thursday, a teacher from the twos classroom stopped by to tell me just how much one of my littles ADORED and LOVED me. She stands by the gate of the twos playground and yells my name and saying "Hi" to me, even if I'm not outside. It's sad thinking about it but oh so cute. If I walk past the window of their classroom, they all pause to point and shout my name. How I adore my job and caring for children. They are indeed a precious blessing. Now, I have four new children to love, adore and teach. :)