Sunday, December 5, 2010

I am so proud!!!!

Yes, I confess, it feels so good to see children progress and develop. :D I have a child in my classroom who has finally, after almost three months in my class, took her first steps. She had some gross motor challenges and through hard work and lots of love and patience on the parts of the parents and her physical therapist (and us teachers :D) she is doing a wonderful job! My little one was so determined. She hated being carried. She came into my class scooting on her bottom. After some time (with a lot of guidance from her PTs) we managed to get her to crawl on her hands and knees more. We (my co-lead teacher and I) let her walk holding our hands more even though it took the class an extra minute to get outside. We encouraged her to use push toys instead of scooting and crawling around the playground. Last two weeks, she has been trying to stand up on her own. She was also able to walk along side of the furniture in the classroom. Last week, she began walking only using one hand for support. Last thursday, she walked up a ramp holding onto the rail all by herself. But last friday she shocked us all. She took four itty bity steps by herself, she was able to stand for quite a while by herself before falling to the floor. She was so proud of herself! We were proud of her too. I am guessing it wont be long now before she is able to walk!!! and even run! :D